Cambodia And South Korea Mission Trip

February 27 - March 11, 2019

Greg And Pam Rogers, City Missionaries

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Four years ago, we connected with Jen Barnes of Lifetotes. On a mission trip, she started working with a Cambodian man, Pastor Sihok. His love for the whole needs of people moved him to engage in the real life crisis of rescuing ladies from sex trafficking and slave labor. They developed a cottage ministry of making purses for the ladies as a means of supporting their families. When Pam met Jen at a UA game day, she asked "Do you think they could make backpacks?" Jen said, “We have never thought about that.” That year, Hope For My City ministry, purchased 1600 backpacks from LifeTotes for our annual Back-to-School Drive. Jen took the profits from Tuscaloosa's backpack drive and helped build a school for the hurting children in a place called Widows Island like she had previously done for the children of the Dump Site, (youtube video link), in Cambodia. The next year, she was able to purchase curriculum for the students.  Pastor Sihok has a tremendous testimony of serving God while being rejected by his family. He started and oversees about 10 smaller churches in his area.

Pam and I will visit the ladies who are sewing backpacks together, the schools a the Dump site and Widows Island and hopefully bring encouragement to Pastor Sihok’s ministry.  We will leave money for them to start sewing the backpacks together. We also hope to leave a love offering for Pastor Sihok.

South Korea

Also on this trip, we have the privilege to engage in meetings with several friends and leaders in South Korea.   We hope to visit Prayer Mountain and several churches. We will have a role of  interceding and listening to the Lord for His blessings for Unity and Peace in their country.